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Product advantage

DJ-Hose new high pressure explosion-proof pipe, is one of the domestic and international in 2015 with a prospective bathroom accessory products.


Explosion-proof tube 8 major selling points

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耐高压High pressure resistance

耐高压Thermo stability





Water saving




独特结构Unique structure

不堵塞Not blocked





Low lead & non toxic





Easy installation









Appearance patent:2015520360366.x,

Chinese invention patent:201510336111.4,

Utility model patent:201530209916.3

The utility model patent China explosion-proof adapter(Patent license number ZL201420379351.3)



Explosion-proof angle valve 6 major advantages

1 both positive and negative pressure 3.5Mpa;
2 the water flow is large, the average

is 26L/min;
3 brass body, automatic hot forging

process,high density;
4 plastic wheel, anti-corrosion, over

10 salt spray test;
5 main body of water for high strength

engineering plastics,
NSF requirements;
6 main valve core will not burst, safe.










Scope of action of high pressure explosion-proof pipe:
1, the normal water flow limit per gallon of 2.2GPM, and the top of the explosion-proof hose can reach 2.5-3.0GPM, to ensure that the water pressure is too low to cause the phenomenon of water supply shortage or termination. When the flow exceeds 3.0GPM high pressure explosion-proof pipe will automatically start the explosion-proof function.

2, when the hose of the detonation tube or copper fracture. The traditional hose will appear a large number of water leakage; while the high-pressure pipe explosion can stop immediately, avoid due to leakage caused by the loss of property and full of humanity.

3, when the high pressure explosion-proof tube appears slight leakage, explosion-proof function is not activated, the need to install the top conversion joints.
Attention pipe industry for 15 years, hose production obtained certification market around the world, and market cohabitation, some inferior hose into our home, nut fracture, fracture of the core, hose burst, we instantly as a flood, appalling. A small hose expensive decoration and years of effort instantly come to nothing. And the DJ-Hose explosion-proof pipe came into being, to defend your beautiful home. Collocation DJ-Hose explosion-proof angle valve, a more security, a little more peace of mind!

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